Talking Books

Talking Books is a free service, providing books and magazines on cassette and Braille, descriptive videos, and other services free to individuals of any age.

Magazines and Research Databases

Try these databases filled with magazine articles, encyclopedia entries, and other materials to help you discover more on any subject, from general interest to business, hobbies, and more.

Title is link!

*Cloud Library Use barcode and PIN

*Books and Authors Use barcode or har16592

*Career Transitions Use barcode or har16592.

*Chilton Library Use barcode or har16592.

*General OneFile Use barcode or har16592.

*Health & Wellness Resource Center Use barcode and PIN or har16592.

*Heritage Quest Use barcode and PIN or har16592.

*Kids Infobits Use barcode or har16592.

*Newsstand Use barcode or har16592

*Price It Antiques & Collectibles Use barcode or har16592.

*Student Resources in Context Use barcode or har16592

*Testing & Education Reference Center Use barcode or har16592.

*Tumblebooks Doesn’t need a password!