Everything we do for you, inside the library or out


Circulation: Always have your library card with you. The loan period for most materials is three weeks. Phone renewals are accepted but we will ask for your barcode number.  Some materials cannot be renewed.  Confirmation is required to renew your materials. Reference questions by telephone are welcome.

Automated Catalog and Interlibrary Loan: Our patrons may use the public access terminals to search the database of over 400 libraries in the Illinois Heartland Library System. Materials not held in our library may be delivered from member libraries by using the patron’s barcode number. Materials not held in the database may be searched on OCLC–from any state, and from several countries!

Computers: A variety of computers are located throughout the building. Word processing, spreadsheets and PowerPoint are available.  A visitor’s pass may be issued for eligible patrons, a person with a valid ID who owes no library fines yet does not have a valid library card. This pass is valid for two hours.

Photocopy/Printing: There is a public access photocopier located near the children’s library adjacent to the circulation desk.  Copies are 10 cents per page.  The copier does do duplex copies but does not collate. Printing charges are 10 cents per page for black/white copies from the computers.  Prints from the microfilm machine are 10 cents each.  Color prints from the computer are $1.00 per page.  There is no charge if items are scanned to a disc; however, the library does not provide storage devices of any type. No copyrighted photographs are to be scanned using library equipment.  It is an infringement of copyright law.

Payment: We offer debit/credit card services for fines/fees, lost materials, gifts and donations.  This service is available in-house or online for amounts over $3.00.

Meeting Rooms: Meeting rooms are available on the lower level of the library.  The Alice H. Barnes Conference Room is more conducive for a larger crowd while the Robert Gregg Board Room seats 9 people.   More information can be found in the Meeting Room Policy.

Getting a Card

On November 11, 1997, we became a district library with boundaries matching Harrisburg Community Unit School District #3. The eastern portion of Saline County has since been added to the Harrisburg Public Library District. Be sure to bring a photo ID with current address, or photo ID plus something showing your current address.  A utility bill mailed to your present address is an example of proof of residence in the library district.

  1. To obtain a library card, a patron must show identification with a current address. Driver’s licenses are usually requested because it contains all the necessary information plus a photo ID.
  2. Children under the age of eighteen may obtain a library card with parent or legal guardian present.
  3. Minors aged under the age of 18 may obtain a library card with a valid photo ID.

Non-residents (those living outside the Harrisburg Public Library District) should be sure whether or not they pay taxes to a local library.  If no taxes are paid to support a library, the patron should go to the library closest to them to purchase a library card.  The non-resident fee is in lieu of taxes and is paid annually to that library.

There are four library districts in Saline County:  Harrisburg Public Library District, Carrier Mills/Stonefort Public Library District, Eldorado Memorial Public Library District, and Galatia Public Library District.

Gallatin County has only the Shawneetown Public Library for the residents of Shawneetown.  Hardin County has only the Rosiclare Memorial Public Library for the residents of Rosiclare.  Pope County has only the Golconda Public Library for the residents of Golconda.  If you reside outside the city limits of these towns, you must pay a non-resident fee to obtain a library card.

Fines and Fees

Materials are generally due back within 21 days (3 weeks). These materials include children’s books, non-fiction, periodicals, audio books and fiction. On the twenty-second day, a fine of $0.10 per day per item begins to be charged to the patron’s record. Fines must be under $3.00 in order to check out any material from the library or to use the on-site computers.

Videos circulate for seven (7) days.  On the eighth day, a fine of ten cents ($0.10) per video begins to be charged to the patron’s record.

Lost or Destroyed materials are charged cost of item.

Damaged materials may be assessed, and then add fees to cover minor repairs. These fees will vary due to the material and repairs required.